Interminable is a Philly-based futuristic fusion project, born out of a chance encounter on the train.  A week later, the band was playing its first show.  These days, Interminable explores the modern diasporic experience, with covers and originals both in English and Spanish.  Through their music, Interminable gives voice to socio-political themes often ignored, like displacement, migration, and identity.  Interminable searches for common threads of improvisation throughout son jarocho (from Veracruz, México), jazz, rock, classical, and electronic music. 

This innovative tapestry of sounds is expressed through the band’s unique combination of instruments.  Ximena Violante sings and plays the electric guitar and jarana, a Mexican instrument.  Marty Gottlieb-Hollis (Upholstery, Hardwork Movement) and Becca Graham (HoneychileHardwork Movement) on trumpets and St. Clair Simmons on trombone join forces as a horn section.  Joe Perullo on drums and Yeho Bostick (Circadian Rhythms) on bass solidify the rhythmic backbeat.  Always seeking new sonic expressions, the project has included many other musicians: percussionists John Cole, Didier García (DJ Manifest Love) and Larry Connelly; guitarist Rick Lowenberg (Brothers Past); rapper Mare Advertencia Lirika; violinist Julián Alarcón; cellist Melanie Hsu; bassists Rodrigo Pichardo (Gnarbot), Brian O'Connell, Paul Horner, and son jarocho musicians Anna Arismendez (Caña Dulce y Caña Brava) and Natse Rojas.

Since Interminable's debut in 2015, opening for nationally-renowned cumbia group, Viento Callejero, the band has amassed an impressive portfolio. The band has shared stages with many nationally and internationally recognized acts including La Santa CeciliaRadio Jarocho, Mare Advertencia Lirika, DJ Precolumbian, Jarana Beat, Lady Moon & The Eclipse, and Moor Mother.   Performing on stages across the East Coast and even in Mexico, the band looks forward to more collaborations and opportunities in the future.

Their debut album, Rebirth Renacer, was released in November of 2018.  You can listen or download at their bandcamp!

Cover photos by Koof Ibi (Random Tea SessionsWest Philadelphia Orchestra) and Emilie Krause.